Best Programming Languages for Web Application Development in 2021

A programming language is a formal language comprising a set of instructions that produce various kinds of output. Programming languages are used in computer programming to implement algorithms.

Following are the best programming languages to build a web application:


Python, with Django and Pyramid as its hottest frameworks. Python showed a 456% growth in popularity over the previous year, and its consistent rise continues.

The simplicity of coding even complicated structures in Python may be a big reason why web application development using Python is on the increase . Python helps software engineers cut development time from hours to minutes. Python helps developers build the server side, or the rear end, of an application. The back end stores the database and handles how data travels to and from the server.

Python is understood for its many web-oriented frameworks that help developers create functional apps. The most popular are Django, Pyramid, Bottle, Flask, CherryPy, WebApp2, and TurboGears.

Django is employed more frequently than other Python frameworks because it’s tools for building web apps faster and with less code. This toolkit helps developers easily add main website components like authentication, management panels, and structures for file processing. Without Django, a developer would need to code of these traditional features manually rather than that specialize in new components.

The adoption of Python by Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Quora, Netflix, Dropbox, and Reddit for server-side tasks has brought this language to a replacement peak of recognition . And it continues to climb.


Programming with Java is popular especially for banking and FinTech web projects since, compared to several other programming languages, Java offers better security and functionality.

According to the PYPL index, Java is now the second hottest programing language , behind Python and followed by JavaScript.

Java has become a well-liked choice because it enables vertical and horizontal scalability. With Java, developers will need fewer hours and fewer invasive coding to enhance your website’s performance and response times.

Another great advantage of Java for web application development is that it’s a cross-platform tool. The Java runtime environment translates code into machine language compatible with the native OS , whether it’s Linux, Windows, or macOS.

Java has some great frameworks for web app development including Spring, JSF, GWT, Play!, Struts, Vaadin, and Grails. Because of its ability to create complex web apps with high performance, Spring is that the most powerful Java framework for web app development.


The PHP programing language is dead as long as you ignore usage statistics. Though PHP isn’t modern, eight out of ten websites are built using this language.

PHP is an all-purpose scripting language for building entire web apps or their interactive elements. Using PHP, developers can create content management systems (CMSs) and online database systems, message boards, subscription-based websites, gaming web apps, blogs with comment features, and registration systems.

PHP is partially an object-oriented language that creates code reuse possible. Reusable components save developers’ efforts and cut the time needed for custom web application development.

Code written in PHP is compatible with Linux, Windows, Unix, and macOS and supports over 20 databases and most servers. The language’s great customization potential, quick processing , and smooth integration with different CMSs makes it an honest choice for dynamic sites . The following two PHP frameworks make swift web app development a reality by providing well-organized and reusable code.


Laravel is the most popular PHP framework. It’s a chic toolkit with an upscale set of features that boost the speed of web app development. Laravel gives developers access to functionality like caching, session management, and authentication. This allows developers to skip much groundwork, especially when developing an internet site from scratch.

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